Results Management

As the National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) of Bermuda, the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority (BSADA) is responsible for the Results Management of Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV) of athletes and other persons that fall under their jurisdiction as outlined in the BSADA Anti-Doping Rules and the current Anti-Doping in Sport Act.


BSADA has the authority to impose sanctions and a period of ineligibility on individuals who commit an ADRV. Athletes and other persons charged with an ADRV can accept the consequence asserted by BSADA or request a hearing in front of a Disciplinary Panel.


Results Management Process for the Presence of a Prohibited Substance.

  • BSADA receives notice from a WADA Accredited lab that one or more prohibited substances were detected in an athlete’s sample.
  • BSADA sends a notice of the finding to the athlete requesting further information.
  • Upon receipt of further information from the athlete, BSADA will decide whether to assert an ADRV.
  • If an ADRV is asserted, BSADA sends a Notice of Charge letter to the athlete the NSGB, International Federation (IF), and WADA.
  • The athlete has the option to:
    • Dispute the Charge and the sanction or accept the charge but dispute the sanctions being imposed.
    • Request the B sample analysis at their own cost. The athlete and/or athlete’s representative has the right to attend the B sample opening and analysis.
  • If the prohibited substance(s) is not found in the B sample analysis, the case will not move forward based on a presence violation and the athlete, NSGB, IF, WADA receive notification.


Acceptance of Sanction: An athlete can choose to accept a sanction at any point during the results management process. Athletes may also benefit from prompt admission and substantial assistance clauses.


Request for Hearing:

  • An athlete can exercise their right to request a hearing before the Disciplinary Panel. This Panel will consist of 3 people, who are operationally independent of BSADA and who hold no conflict of interest. The Panel will render a decision whether an ADRV has been committed and what the sanction should be.
  • The decision is forwarded to BSADA and then on to the athlete, NSGB, IF and WADA.
  • Upon receipt of the decision of the Disciplinary Panel, BSADA, the athlete, the NSGB, IF and WADA have the right to appeal the decision to the Appeal Panel or Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as appropriate.


Public Disclosure

Under the BSADA Anti-Doping Rules (ADR) 14.3.2, BSADA must publicly disclose the decisions of each ADRV at a minimum by publishing on their website.


In accordance with BSADA ADR 14.3.7, the mandatory Public Disclosure required in Article 14.3.2 shall not be required where the Athlete or other Person who has been found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation is a Minor, Protected Person, or Recreational Athlete. Any optional Public Disclosure in a case involving a Minor, Protected Person or Recreational Athlete shall be proportionate to the facts and circumstances of the case.